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Advertising for Land Real Estate Agents

When we created The Land Market, we were tired with the high costs associated with advertising on other online real estate websites. Even more frusterating than the high costs was the lack of return on our investment. You will never have to worry about these things when you advertise on The Land Market.

Advertising by County for Real Estate Agents

To make our directory beneficial for both individuals looking to buy land online and land real estate agents looking to sell land online, we have created a simple directory that allows you to advertise in individual counties in the United States.

Maximum Exposure for Agents

What is the point of advertising if it does not lead to sales? The Land Market's directory allows real estate agents to advertise in as many counties as they'd like. To maximize your exposure, we only allow a maximum of 10 agents to advertise in a single county at a time. Additionally, the order in which the agents are displayed is randomized every time the page is loaded or reloaded.

Affordable Advertising for Land Agents

The best perk of all? Our directory is as affordable as it gets. To join our land real estate agent directory, you are charged the low cost of $10 per county per month. You'll see no hidden costs and will never pay for leads when advertising in our directory.

How to Advertise

Step 1: Login to your The Land Market account

Step 2: Visit the My Advertisements page in the sub menu of your dashboard

Step 3: Select the state and the county or counties in which you wish to advertise

Looking to Advertise in Other Ways?

If you have a company, brand, or product you think would be a good fit to advertise on The Land Market, we have several different ways we can help put you in front of our customers. We offer on-site ads, ads in newsletters, and more. To get started, click the button below.

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